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 Character Creation Template

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PostSubject: Character Creation Template   Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:13 am

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Character Stats
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Template   Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:18 pm

Starter jutsus that can be used:

Stat Points Info: (link coming soon)
JP Info: (link coming soon)

Guide: (link coming soon)


Please use the template below for your character creation.

[u]---Character Info---[/u]






[b]Clan:[/b] (If you belong to a clan)

[b]Bloodline/Clan Line:[/b] (Ex. Uchiha have Sharingan.)

[b]Element:[/b] (You can only start with one from the five basic ones)


You have 10 Stat Points (SP), that you can distribute across these four fields.


You have 3 JP, that you can use to learn techniques.

[b]Jutsu 1:[/b] (if any)
[b]Jutsu 2:[/b] (if any)
[b]Jutsu 3:[/b] (if any)

[u]---RolePlay Sample---[/u]
Show us how you role-play. You can get a small amount of exp for this. (Up to 5 exp)
[quote]Your RP sample here[/quote]
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Character Creation Template
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